Ten Towns

Ten Towns

What makes Britain tick?

The Ten Towns project was CommonGround’s first initiative, undertaken in 2016; a bid to listen and learn from communities where the decision to leave the EU was decisive. This project had two main parts, which we carried out in each town: a fact-finding mission, and an open-invitation “huddle” where ideas for making the country work better could be exchanged, debated and developed.

We visited Birmingham, Bradford, Felixstowe, Hull, Northampton, Portsmouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Swansea, and Wolverhampton.

We met with local MPs, leaders from both the Remain and Leave campaigns, councillors, school teachers, university student leaders, business owners, prominent cultural figures, and community outreach workers.

We made our findings public in a series of blog posts, to help ensure that the voices of real people are being heard – particularly in the capital. And we are using the results of the Ten Towns consultations as the basis of our campaigns to build a better Britain.