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30/12/2018 – LBC Radio: Hugo Dixon discusses Jean-Claude Juncker’s comment that the UK must “get its act together”

26/12/2018 – The Guardian: How Britain can heal the rifts caused by the EU referendum
(This column provoked a storm of comments. A response was provided on Infacts.) [Hugo Dixon]

24/12/2018 – LBC Radio: Hugo Dixon speaks with Andrew Castle

19/12/2018 – Left Foot Forward: As Remainers, we can’t assume we’ll win a second referendum

11/12/2018 – The Independent: Remaining in the EU would save the UK billions – money that should go to Brexit voters who were left behind [Hugo Dixon]

09/12/2018 – The Observer: Letters: stressed teachers need more support
(Sign our open letter on tackling the causes of Brexit here).

09/12/2018 – The Observer: Remainers gear up for second referendum, with new NHS pledge 

09/12/2018 – The Observer: The Observer view on May’s Brexit deal

02/12/2018 – The Sunday TimesBig ideas to reunite Britain have been crowded out by Brexit

09/12/2016 – Financial Times: Britain’s Europhiles splinter into dozens of grassroots movements

07/12/2016 – Share Radio: Hugo Dixon speaking to Glen Goodman

07/12/2016 – Financial Times: What’s the plan, Theresa May? 

06/12/2016 – The Guardian: What’s the Plan? Petition urges ministers to reveal Brexit strategy

02/12/2016 – The Guardian: Richmond Park marks the start of a new, cross-party rejection of Brexit [Hugo Dixon]

13/11/2016 – LBC radio: Hugo Dixon speaks with Tim Cross

07/11/2016 – BBC News: Tactics reduce candidates for Richmond Park by-election

07/11/2016 – BreakingViews: Bah Humber 

05/11/2016 – BBC Two: Hugo Dixon on Newsnight

26/10/2016 – The Guardian: The Richmond Park byelection is a golden opportunity to fight Brexit [Hugo Dixon]

19/10/2016 – Lancashire Evening Post: EU team visits Preston

17/10/2016 – Lancashire Evening Post: Why did Preston vote to leave the EU?

12/10/2016 – Rai News: Stiamo andando verso una brexit molto dura e distruttruice

08/10/2016 – LBC Radion: Hugo Dixon speaks to Matt Frei

06/09/2016 – The GuardianIt’s not a fool’s errand to try to keep Britain in the EU [Hugo Dixon]

04/06/2016 – BBC Radio Five Live: Hugo Dixon on Pienaar’s Poltics

03/09/2016 – March For Europe: Why we must make common ground with Leave voters [Hugo Dixon speaking at the March For Europe in London]

o4/09/2016 – LBC Radio: Hugo Dixon speaking on LBC Radio

02/09/2016 – The Telegraph: Why the Remainers are still clinging on to dreams of overturning Brexit…and how they hope to do it [Peter Foster]

03/10/2016 – Rai News: Coverage of CommonGround’s London Day of Action [Italian voiceover]

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