Board of Directors

CommonGround is a company limited by guarantee. It has four directors on its board who have agreed to serve for three months. Their work is supported by staff, members and a network of volunteers.

Hugo Dixon is a journalist and an entrepreneur. He is chairman and editor-in-chief of InFacts. He founded Breakingviews. He writes for The FT, The Guardian and other publications. He is author of The In/Out Question: Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better.

Alice Fermor-Hesketh is a strategy consultant and business professional. She holds a BA in Philosophy & Theology from Oxford University. She is a school governor at a Special Needs Academy in Newham and a member of the Labour Party.

Eddie Morgan runs TV production company Northern Town. He was born and grew up in Preston. He has worked for ITV and BBC on a range of factual, documentary and current affairs programmes including Newsnight and the Culture Show. From 2002 to 2004 he was Assistant General Secretary of The Labour Party.

Michael Tory is a Canadian citizen who has lived in the UK for over 25 years, including a long career in corporate finance culminating in co-founding advisory firm Ondra Partners in late 2008. He is also a Governor of Holland Park School.


CommonGround is determined to maintain its capacity for free-thinking by not being dependent on any single source for funding. In the start-up phase, until the end of October, we will not take more than £10,000 from any individual. We will devise a long-term funding policy after that. We will also publish the names of all people who give us money.

At November 22, CommonGround had received money from the following individuals:

Paul Adamson, Simon Allison, Anne Applebaum, Angeliki Balopoulos, David Bell, Colin Budd, Jane Clancey, Tony Curzon Price, Hugo Dixon, Papaliou Doxiadis, Isabelle Dupuy, Alice Fermor-Hesketh, Jane Fisher, Stephanie Flanders, Stewart Fleming, Rachel Franklin, Timothy Gowers,  Andrew Graham, Charles Grant, Jan Hall, George Kendall, Andrew Large, Mark Lewisohn, Hallvard Lillehammer, Richard Lyde, James MacColl, Andrew McDonald, Eleni Meleagrou, Mando Meleagrou, Tim Mockett, Eddie Morgan, Paul Myners, Charles Naylor, Tim Nesbitt, Jeremy O’Grady, Tessa Pereira, Richard Portes, Michael Prest, Charles Pridgeon, Simon Robertson, Henri Schonbach, Ali Shadwick, Jessica Simor, Alex Spillius, Jennifer Talbot, Bella Thomas, Wolfgang Tillmans, Michael Tory, Peter Vardigans, Edward Whitley.

This list will be updated periodically