Referendum rerun bad idea, vote on Brexit terms good idea

We have just voted. So there’s no point in another referendum now. But once Theresa May has finally figured out what Brexit means, there is.

Why we must make common ground with Leave voters

Speech by Hugo Dixon at March for Europe rally on September 3

We need a fair and open society – and honest politics

Staying in the EU is really important. It is worth fighting for. But it is not the be-all-and-end-all of post-referendum public life.

Why Britain should lead the EU, not leave it

Even now, we can be optimistic about Britain in Europe. Why? Because there is a big, bold, optimistic argument to make for Britain in Europe.

We must make migration work for all

While migration has on balance been good, it hasn’t helped everybody. Whatever happens to EU free movement, we must share the benefits.

Why we need both a fairer Britain and to stay in EU

To stay in EU, we need to show how we can make our society fairer. Otherwise it will be easy to scapegoat EU and migrants for all our ills.