Pub social discusses options for pro-European campaigning

Where do we go from here? It is a question that raises a lot of uncertainty at the moment, in...

May should use summit to make EU citizens feel welcome

Next week is perfect moment to repair damage caused by anti-foreigner rhetoric. PM should guarantee rights of Europeans living in UK.

Hugo Dixon on LBC Radio with Matt Frei

Hugo Dixon on LBC Radio with Matt Frei

Hugo Dixon, one of CommonGround’s directors and editor-in-chief of InFacts, speaks with Matt Frei on Saturday 8th October at 11.30am,...

Why we must listen to ‘Leavers’

We know the figures, and they are daunting. 51.9% voted ‘Leave’. 17,410,742 people. That’s a lot of people! But we...

Fighting for London’s voice after the Brexit vote

This weekend, volunteers will be taking to public spaces across London to campaign for continued membership of the European single...

Stigmatising migration is not the solution

Theresa May is keen to be seen as a safe pair of hands. Last month she stressed that weighing up...

BBC let public down with referendum coverage

It didn’t challenge interviewees, make room for alternative views or inform the public adequately, despite what its director of news says.

100 days after Brexit, don’t give up hope

Most MPs who backed remain have run to the hills. The government seems heading for hard Brexit. But the game isn’t over yet.

We must find CommonGround on Europe

We must find CommonGround on Europe

People still care about staying in Europe. We still care about staying in Europe.

Corbyn is right to call for migrant impact fund

Though migration benefits UK overall, money isn’t channelled to communities that need it fast enough. A new fund would help fix the problem.